RV Storage Near Brookshire, TX

If you live in Brookshire, Texas and need a space to store your RV, look no further. 

There are many great storage facilities found in and around Brookshire. These facilities offer a range of features, unit sizes, and amenities. 

In this article, we discuss what types of costs to expect when storing an RV

Plus, keep reading as we cover 8 of the best RV storage options in and near Brookshire. 

What Cost to Expect from RV Storage Rentals

When planning to store an RV, it is crucial to have a clear idea of what costs to expect. 

Many different costs should be considered when storing an RV, from the cost of renting a storage unit or parking spot to the need for seasonal maintenance when the RV is taken out of storage.

In general, RV storage typically costs between $100 to $250 per month, according to Neighbor Blog. 

This monthly cost can vary between facilities and according to various factors, such as long-term contract pricing or special deals. RV storage costs can be further divided depending on if you plan on renting an indoor or outdoor storage space: 

  • Indoor RV Storage Costs: Indoor RV storage almost always costs more than outdoor storage. With a fully-enclosed unit, your vehicle is protected from external elements, like weather and heat. As a result, RVs that are stored inside tend to be in better shape when taken out of storage and require less maintenance and tuning. 
  • Outdoor RV Storage Costs: Renting an outdoor RV storage space is generally more affordable than renting an indoor unit. However, your RV will be exposed to the elements, which can ultimately accrue extra maintenance costs. To cut back on maintenance costs, try renting a covered outdoor space to provide your RV’s exterior with some protection. 

8 RV Storage Facilities Near Brookshire, TX

Choosing the right storage facility is the key to keeping your RV in great shape and protected when not in use. As you search for your ideal facility, make sure to prioritize facilities that have top-notch security.

With this in mind, here are 8 of the best RV storage facilities near Brookshire, Texas: 

1. Sunterra Storage 

Sunterra Storage is an RV and boat storage facility located in Katy, Texas — just a 12-minute drive away from Brookshire. Here you can find both covered and uncovered storage spaces and competitive pricing.

Along with month-to-month contracts that allow you to store your RV for as much or as little time as you need, Sunterra Storage also offers a plethora of facility features.

These facility features include:

  • 24-hour access to the facility
  • Online payments
  • Varying unit sizes
  • 70’ wide drives, 90’ long entrance drive, and 30’ wide entrance gate
  • 50 Amp RV check plug

For security, Sunterra Storage uses digital video surveillance and 24-hour video recording. A total of eight cameras are placed around the facility and are continuously monitored. 

To book a storage space at Sunterra Storage, contact the Sunterra team today.  

2. Toy Shedz Boat & RV Storage

Toy Shedz Boat & RV Storage is located in Brookshire, Texas, less than half a mile south of I-10. 

In this spacious storage facility, you can rent units that range in size from 12’ x 30’ to 14’ by 80’. Along with RVs, Toy Shedz can also accommodate boats, motor coaches, or other vehicles within the size range. Indoor units with wide turn lanes are available for most vehicles.

When you rent a storage space from Toy Shedz, you have 24/7 access to the facility. Plus, your property is kept safe with 24-hour video surveillance, security fencing, and a digital entry keypad. 

You can check out Toy Shedz’s exact unit pricing online. To reserve a unit at Toy Shedz, you can schedule a rental online or visit the facility in person. 

3. Depot Street Boat and RV Storage

Found in the heart of Brookshire, Texas is Depot Street Boat and RV Storage. 

At Depot Street Boat and RV Storage, you can rent a covered space for your property. Additionally, the storage spaces come in various sizes, allowing multiple vehicle types to be accommodated. Depot Street Boat and RV Storage is conveniently located near Katy and West Houston. 

The facility at Depot Street Boat and RV Storage is protected by security fencing, lighting, and cameras for video surveillance. 

To learn more about Depot Street Boat and RV Storage, call (832) 494-4003 for more information. 

4. Royal Storage Of Brookshire 

Royal Storage of Brookshire has two different locations to offer — one in Brookshire and one in Pattison, roughly a 7-minute drive to the northwest of Brookshire. 

The self-storage facilities offered at Royal Storage include the following features:

  • On-site property management
  • Electronic access gates
  • Perimeter fencing
  • Video monitoring 
  • Competitive pricing

At Royal Storage of Brookshire, the storage spaces you have to select from include both climate-controlled and non-climate-controlled units. Additionally, Royal Storage also offers economical storage.

The types of vehicles that can be stored at Royal Storage include RVs, boats, and trailers. 

You can view the Royal Storage price list online or contact the Royal Storage team to learn more. 

5. Cane Island Storage, LLC

Cane Island Storage, LLC is a short and long-term storage facility in Katy, Texas. This facility focuses on providing the people of Katy and the surrounding area with affordable storage solutions.

Key facility features available at Cane Island Storage include:

  • Fenced property
  • Digital video recording
  • On-site management
  • Online payments
  • Compute-controlled access
  • 24/7 gate and unit access
  • Security lighting
  • Covered RV parking

Cane Island Storage has both outdoor and climate-controlled self-storage units available, as well as standard and enclosed RV parking. The RV parking at Cane Island Storage is 12’ x 39.8’ in the standard parking and 15’ x 50’ in the enclosed parking option. 

Check out Cane Island Storage’s available units online. Payments and reservations can be made online as well. You can also call (281) 574-4777 for more information. 

6. Cube Smart Self Storage

Cube Smart Self Storage has two locations that can accommodate vehicles in Katy, Texas. 

These facilities are located at 1430 Katy Flewellen Rd. and 5139 E 5th St. As part of the same franchise, both locations offer similar facilities that include features such as:

  • SmartRental (contract-free, same-day rental)
  • Month-to-month rental options
  • On-site store managers
  • Autopay and gate code access through the CubeSmart Mobile App
  • Packing and moving supplies available in store

For security, CubeSmart provides 24/7 video recording and tamper-resistant locks for units. Most locations have security gates as well. 

The units available at CubeSmart include climate-controlled, vehicle, and boat storage spaces. 

Current prices can be viewed online and reservations can be made online as well. Prices vary from location to location, so make sure to compare when choosing a facility. 

7. Storage Plus of Old Katy

Storage Plus of Old Katy is, as the name suggests, located in Katy, Texas. 

At Storage Plus, you can find both exterior parking spaces for RV storage as well as indoor climate-controlled units. The features available at Storage Plus include:

  • Month-to-month leasing
  • 24-hour video recording
  • Electronic gate access
  • Extended access hours
  • Lighting
  • No deposit required

Storage Plus is managed by iStorage, which has several additional locations found nearby Storage Plus of Old Katy. The company also offers a size guide to help you select the ideal unit or parking for your needs. 

Reserve a Storage Plus unit or parking space online, or call (972) 782-5174 for more information. 

8. Katy Freeway Boat & RV Storage

Katy Freeway Boat & RV Storage is a conveniently located facility that can accommodate RVs, boats, trailers, and automobiles. The vehicle units at Katy Freeway are large and enclosed, standing at 14’ in height to accommodate almost all vehicle types. 

Facility features at Katy Freeway include: 

  • 24/7 facility access for clients
  • Restricted gate access
  • Monitored surveillance
  • Improved lighting 
  • Personal supervision of property
  • Enclosed, covered, and outdoor parking options
  • Full perimeter fencing

Visit the Katy Freeway Boat & RV Storage to reserve an enclosed storage unit or an outdoor parking spot. You can also call the facility at (346) 260-4009 to learn more. 

Final Thoughts: Additional RV Storage Considerations

The best way to make the most out of your RV storage is to come prepared.

Additional considerations for RV storage that are important to keep in mind include:

  • Long-Term Storage Preparation: If you plan on leaving your RV in storage for long periods, it is crucial to properly prepare. Along with cleaning your RV out of any perishable items, you should also use antifreeze to protect your RV’s plumbing and cover your tires to maintain their quality. Additionally, if you are parking your RV outside, an RV cover can help protect the exterior of your RV from the elements. 
  • Security: Extra security never hurts. When signing on to rent a storage space, make sure to ask about the security measures in place at the facility. It can also be to your advantage to ask if you can set up your own security cameras or equipment in or around your unit or parking space. This adds an extra layer of protection, as well as gives you greater peace of mind. 
  • Easy Navigation: Navigating a large RV is not always easy. Especially when trying to park. At Sunterra we offer extra-wide 70′ drives to make parking your rig as easy as can be! Also, our entrance drive is 90′ long and our gate is 30′ wide.

For anyone in the Brookshire and Katy areas of Texas, Sunterra Storage offers premium-grade storage, with a facility designed to meet the highest of standards.

We would love to hear from you and discuss your storage RV options further. Give our team at Sunterra Storage a call today at (713) 564-0194 to learn more about our top-class facility!


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