RV Storage Near Fulshear, Texas

If you have an RV in need of storage near Fulshear, Texas, you’ve come to the right place. 

Finding the right storage option for an RV can be tricky, especially with so many options to choose from.

Key features to prioritize at an RV storage facility can include costs, security measures, and unit size. When choosing a storage facility for your RV, keeping these features in mind is essential as you peruse through the different amenities a specific facility offers. 

In this guide, we give you a rundown of eight of the best RV storage facilities in or near Fulshear, TX. 

Keep reading to learn about important RV storage costs to keep in mind!

RV Storage Costs

Before selecting a storage facility for your RV, it is first crucial to consider your budget and the potential costs of storage. Having a clear idea of your budget helps you find a storage facility that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

In general, you can expect to pay between $100 to $250 per month for RV storage. 

Here is a breakdown of different RV storage costs associated with indoor and outdoor storage: 

Indoor RV Storage Costs

Indoor RV storage will almost always be more expensive than outdoor storage, as you are provided with a secure and often climate-controlled room for your RV. 

As a result, indoor storage has more rental costs associated with it than outdoor storage. You can expect to pay a higher monthly or annual fee to store your RV in this type of facility. 

However, indoor RV storage can also come with cost savings as well.

For instance, when storing an RV outside, you must also consider the impact various weather conditions can have on the exterior of your RV. Many people who choose to store their RVs outside also invest in RV covers and other equipment or services that can help protect the exterior from adverse conditions.

Additionally, storing an RV outside can result in more opportunities for critters to climb inside. This requires you to be more mindful of how you close up your RV and store it in the colder months when wild animals are looking for a cozy place to tuck themselves into. 

Outdoor RV Storage Costs

As mentioned above, outdoor RV storage can come with lower overall fees but can lead to extra maintenance costs down the line.

When talking about outdoor RV storage, there are generally two main types to choose from: covered outdoor storage and uncovered outdoor storage.

With covered storage, you may have a roof or other structure that covers the top of your RV. These types of storage spaces are slightly more expensive than uncovered spaces. The benefit of opting for a covered space is that your RV receives extra protection from weather events like rain storms or snow. 

Outdoor RV storage can be a great short-term option or an option for those who regularly use and maintain their RV. If you plan on storing your RV for a long period (think 6 months or longer), an indoor storage space may be the preferable option. 

8 RV Storage Facilities Near Fulshear, TX

Now that we have discussed the potential costs associated with indoor and outdoor RV storage, let’s discuss specific storage facilities in and around Fulshear, TX to check out.

Here are 8 of the best RV storage options in Fulshear: 

1. Sunterra Storage 

Sunterra Storage is located roughly 15 to 20 minutes northeast of Fulshear in Katy, Texas.

At Sunterra Storage, both outdoor and indoor storage spaces are available for RVs. This gives you optimal flexibility when choosing which storage option is better for you. 

Offering month-to-month contracts, Sunterra is highly accommodating for both short-term and long-term RV storage needs. The features and amenities offered at Sunterra include:

  • Digital video surveillance and 24-hour video recording (with a total of eight cameras located around the facility)
  • 24-hour access to the facility for customers
  • Online payments 
  • A wide range of different unit sizes
  • 70’ wide drives, 90’ long entrance drive, and 30’ wide entrance gate for optimal space for larger vehicles
  • 50 Amp RV check plug

The address of Sunterra Storage is 4125 Schlipf Rd. in Katy, TX. To learn more about Sunterra’s amenities or to rent a space, visit the Sunterra Storage website today. 

You can also call Sunterra Storage at (713) 564-0194 or email info@sunterrastorage.com. 

2. Katy Boat & RV Storage 

Katy Boat & RV Storage is a multi-location storage company that offers storage spaces for boats, RVs, and other large recreational vehicles.

The amenities included at Katy Boat & RV Storage include:

  • 24-Hour Customer Access
  • Security Cameras 
  • Keypad Entrance
  • Enclosed Units
  • Electricity Available 
  • Full Fencing
  • Online Auto Payments

For residents of Fulshear, the closest location available is located at 28912 FM-1093 in Katy, TX. This is just seven minutes to the east of the heart of Fulshear. 

Learn more about Katy Boat & RV Storage on their website or by calling (713) 937-9971. 

3. Elite Boat and RV Storage

Located off Fulshear-Gaston Road in Richmond, TX is Elite Boat and RV Storage. 

This storage facility is positioned 13 minutes to the east of Fulshear and services nine of the surrounding areas including Fulshear, Katy, Richmond, Rosenberg, Bella Terra, Cinco Ranch, Cross Creek Ranch, Seven Lakes, and Westheimer Lakes. 

At this storage facility, you can store RVs, boats, jet skis, trailers, and classic cars. Business use (such as landscaping crew storage) is not permitted. 

The amenities of this facility include:

  • Complete Fencing
  • Electric Gate
  • Keypad Entrance
  • All Covered Units with Electric Outlets and Lights
  • 24-Hour Video Surveillance
  • 60’ and 70’ Wide Driveways

Call (832) 274-0859 or (713) 306-4989 for more information. 

4. Curly Murphs RV Storage

Curly Murphs RV Storage is located at 10464 Gaston Road in Katy, TX. 

At this storage facility, you can rent 14’x 50’ enclosed parking that can easily accommodate RVs. Curly Murphs offers affordable pricing and many amenities, including:

  • 24-Hour Customer Access
  • Security Surveillance Systems
  • Lights
  • Private Driveway
  • Enclosed Parking
  • Cash or Check Payments
  • Onsite Management

Visit the Curly Murphs website today to find out this facility’s storage rates or call (713) 557-4439 for more information. 

5. Katy Cinco Ranch RV and Boat Storage 

Katy Cinco Ranch RV and Boat Storage is located on FM 359 and services the surrounding areas of Fulshear, Katy, Richmond, Cross Creek, Cinco Ranch, Lakes of Bella Terra, Long Meadow Farms, Waterside Estates, Texana, and Pecan Grove. 

At this facility, you can receive the following amenities:

  • 70’ Wide Driveways
  • Complete Fencing
  • Electric Gate
  • Keypad Entrance
  • All Covered Units with Electric Outlet and Lights
  • 24-Hour Video Surveillance 

The storage space options at Katy Cinco Ranch include covered parking (both pull-through and back-in options available), fully enclosed units, and open (outdoor) parking

To learn more about this storage facility, call (832)-274-0859 or (713) 306-4989 for more information. 

6. Premier Boat & RV Storage

Located in Richmond, TX is Premier Boat & RV Storage. Customers of this storage facility can access their unit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The amenities at Premier Boat & RV Storage include:

  • 24-Hour Surveillance
  • Gated Entrance
  • Onsite Storage Manager 
  • 121 Clean Enclosed Units
  • 30 Open (outdoor) Parking Units
  • Roll-Up Doors on Enclosed Units
  • Electricity in All Units Over 30’ 

Payments for these storage units can be easily made online. Premier Storage has a wide range of units available to accommodate many vehicle types and specifically caters to the needs of RVs and boats.

To learn more about Premier Boat & RV Storage, call the main office at (713) 806-2113. 

7. Affordable Boat & RV Storage Settegast

Steer It Store It – Affordable Storage (also called Affordable Boat & RV Storage Settegast) is located off Settegast Ranch Road in Richmond, TX. 

This storage facility services Katy, Fulshear, Richmond, and Weston Lakes. It is also expanding to offer more locations for greater convenience. 

The amenities provided at this facility include:

  • Indoor and Outdoor Storage Spaces
  • Outdoor Lighting
  • Concrete Floors
  • Light and Power in Each Unit
  • Gated Entrance
  • Online Payments

The address of Affordable Storage is 321 Settegast Ranch Road. To contact this facility, call (281) 341-7885 or visit the facility in person. 

8. Katy Freeway Boat & RV Storage

Katy Freeway Boat & RV Storage offers enclosed, covered, and outdoor parking units. All enclosed and covered units have a 14’ high door clearance. 

Amenities available at this facility include:

  • Restricted Gate Access
  • Monitored Surveillance
  • Improved Lighting
  • Personal Supervision of Property
  • Remote Control Access for Entry and Exit
  • 24/7 Access for Clients
  • Full Perimeter Fencing with Barbed Wire

Along with RVs, Katy Freeway can also accommodate boats, trailers, and automobiles. 

Find out more about this storage facility by contacting the Katy Freeway Boat & RV Storage team today. 

Final Thoughts

Finding the right storage space for your RV keeps your vehicle safe, secure, and in great shape. 

If you live in or around Fulshear, TX, any of the above storage facilities can offer excellent accommodations for your RV storage needs. 

Here at Sunterra Storage, we service Fulshear and many of the surrounding areas, including Katy and Brookshire. Our premium-grade storage facility is designed to ensure your RV is kept in exceptional condition while you are away. 

Give us a call or stop by our facility to learn more about our RV storage options at Sunterra Storage!


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