RV Storage Near Pattison, TX

Do you have an RV in need of storage in Pattison, Texas?

Well, you’re in luck — for your convenience, we have gathered a list of exceptional RV storage facilities in and around Pattison. 

Finding a reliable RV storage facility is essential for keeping your vehicle in great working shape and protected when not in use. When looking for a storage facility, key amenities to look for include video surveillance, a gated entrance, security fencing, and a wide selection of different types of storage units.

In this article, we discuss important storage costs to consider and highlight 8 of the best RV storage facilities you can find near Pattison, TX. 

Keep reading as we help you choose the right RV storage facility for your needs!

RV Storage Costs: What to Expect & Budget for

When planning to store your RV in a storage facility, it is crucial to consider the expenses you may face. 

Storing an RV at a facility is not a tremendously expensive service but it can vary in cost according to what type of storage you are using. The two main types of storage to choose from are indoor and outdoor. 

Here’s a breakdown of RV storage costs for both indoor and outdoor storage:

Indoor RV Storage Costs

Indoor RV storage facilities are a great option for anyone looking for long-term or winter RV storage.

Keeping your RV inside an enclosed space protects the vehicle from the elements. In Texas, for instance, weather conditions can include extreme heat, tropical weather events (i.e. hurricanes), and even the occasional snowstorm. 

By storing your RV in an indoor storage space, you can prevent any external damage that may result from adverse weather. This can reduce your overall RV maintenance costs, saving you money in the long run.

However, indoor RV storage spaces do tend to be more expensive, as they provide extra amenities such as lighting and climate-controlled indoor temperatures. 

Outdoor RV Storage Cost

In general, an outdoor RV storage facility is more affordable than its indoor counterparts. 

It is important to keep in mind, however, that an outdoor storage space can expose your RV to the elements. As a result, while your total cost of storage may be lower, you may face higher RV maintenance costs down the line. 

This makes outdoor RV storage spaces ideal for those who do not plan to leave their RV in storage long-term. For instance, if you regularly use your RV throughout the year but do not have a good place to park it when you are home, an outdoor storage facility can be a great solution.

Outdoor storage facilities can include both covered and uncovered spaces. Covered spaces are typically a little more expensive and provide your RV with basic protection from the weather. 

8 RV Storage Facilities Near Pattison, TX

1. Sunterra Storage  

Sunterra Storage is a RV and boat storage facility located in Katy, Texas.

Located 15 minutes to the east of Pattison, Sunterra offers convenient storage with an impressive selection of amenities that include:

  • 24-Hour video surveillance and recording
  • 24-Hour access to the facility for customers
  • Alarms and security gates
  • An online payment portal
  • 70’ wide drives, 90’ long entrance drive, and 30’ wide entrance gate
  • Full lighting throughout the facility
  • 50 amp RV check plug
  • Onsite management

Sunterra Storage offers affordable rates and monthly contracts for your convenience. This facility offers both indoor and outdoor storage space options, as well as mini storage units you can rent for storing equipment or other belongings. 

Find out more on the Sunterra Storage website and reserve your rental space online. You may also give Sunterra Storage a call at (713) 564-0194 for more information. 

2. Royal Storage of Pattison

Royal Storage of Brookshire & Pattison is a storage facility for boats, RVs, and trailers. This company has two locations in Pattison and Brookshire. 

Features of this storage facility include: 

  • Onsite property management
  • Electronic access gates
  • Perimeter security fencing
  • Video monitoring 
  • Economical storage options
  • No required deposit
  • Month-to-month leasing

For boats and RVs, Royal Storage offers both enclosed storage units and outdoor parking. The enclosed units are 12.5’ by 30’ in size. 

You can set up automatic bill payments to Royal Storage for added convenience. 

3. Depot Street Boat and RV Storage

Depot Street Boat and RV Storage is located in Brookshire, less than 10 minutes from Pattison. 

The amenities offered at this storage facility include:

  • Security fencing
  • Facility lighting
  • Camera surveillance 
  • Gated entrance

At this storage facility, you can select from a variety of different-sized covered units. 

Depot Street also has a second storage facility located a few miles from the Brookshire location called Adams Flat Boat and RV Storage. This facility includes 50’ by 14’ indoor RV storage spaces, as well as open outdoor spaces.

4. Toy Shedz Boat & RV Storage

Toy Shedz Boat & RV Storage is located in Brookshire less than half a mile from I-10, providing easy access to residents of Brookshire, Pattison, Katy, and other nearby communities. 

  • 24-Hour unit access for customers
  • 24-Hour video surveillance
  • Security fencing
  • Digital keypad entrance

This facility includes fully enclosed, partially enclosed, covered, and outdoor storage spaces. 

5. Brookshire Truck Storage

Brookshire Truck Storage is a storage facility that can accommodate RVs, 18-wheelers, boats, trailers, construction equipment, and more. 

Located in Brookshire, this facility is roughly 10 minutes from Pattison. The facility offers many great amenities, including:

  • 24-Hour unit access for customers
  • 24-Hour video surveillance
  • Bright lighting and floodlights
  • Affordable rental rates
  • Daily, overnight, weekly, monthly, and long-term rental options

At this facility, you can find a variety of unit sizes that include 20’ by 20’, 40’ by 40’, and 80’ by 80’. This facility does not provide hose or water access, offering only dry storage lots and parking spots. 

6. Royal Storage of Brookshire

Royal Storage of Brookshire is the sister location to Royal Storage of Pattison. The Brookshire location is found seven minutes to the southeast of Pattison.

Like the Pattison location, the Brookshire location includes many excellent amenities, such as: 

  • Onsite property management
  • Electronic access gates
  • Perimeter security fencing
  • Video monitoring 
  • Economical storage options
  • No required deposit
  • Month-to-month leasing

The facility offers boat, RV, and trailer storage spaces, including both enclosed and outdoor options.

Visit the Royal Storage website to learn more or call (281) 375-8008. 

7. San Felipe RV Storage

San Felipe RV Storage is located in Sealy, TX, roughly 20 minutes to the west of Pattison.

At this storage facility, the storage spaces are 34’ through and 40’ covered. Along with offering affordable and economical rates, this facility also provides:

  • Eight-foot tall cyclone fence
  • Security lighting
  • 24-Hour customer access 

This facility does not offer month-to-month storage. Instead, San Felipe RV Storage requires a 3-month minimum for all rentals, making this an ideal facility for long-term storage. 

8. Get-U-Goin RV Service, LLC

Get-U-Goin RV Service is a family-owned and operated RV service facility located in Brookshire.

Rather than just offering self-service storage, this facility is focused instead on RV maintenance and repairs to help ensure your RV is in its best possible shape. 

The services offered by this company include: 

  • Storage space at a fenced-in facility 
  • General repairs
  • Extensive repairs
  • Winter preparation

Additional RV Storage Considerations

Along with finding the right storage facility for your RV, there are several additional considerations to keep in mind regarding the maintenance and storage of your vehicle.

These considerations include: 

  • Preparing Your RV for Long-Term Storage: To prepare your RV for long-term storage, you must follow several essential steps, such as draining the water system and protecting the inside of your RV from bugs and rodents. You can complete this preparation process yourself or you can visit an RV service company that offers long-term storage preparation services. 
  • Finding a Secure Storage Facility: Security is of the utmost importance when selecting a storage facility. If you are selecting a storage facility besides the eight discussed in this article, make sure the facility offers video surveillance, security fencing, and a gated entrance. These features ensure the safety of your vehicle and make it easier to pinpoint any crimes that occur.
  • Accessing a Dump Station: RVs collect waste in their plumbing systems that need to be emptied and cleaned out before storing the vehicle. While some storage facilities offer dump stations, most will require you to find and visit a dump station before storing your RV. 

Final Thoughts

Keeping your RV secure and protected against the elements is crucial in between trips. 

The RV storage facilities discussed in this article all offer great and affordable storage options. 

At Sunterra Storage, we strive to provide high-quality and affordable storage rentals that go above and beyond to meet your expectations. Our top-notch security system ensures the safety of your RV throughout the year, with easy access for customers to come and check up on their vehicles. 

Give us a call at (713) 564-0194 and secure your space today.  


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